One More Thing Before We Go: Delia’s Christmas Store Dec07

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One More Thing Before We Go: Delia’s Christmas Store

I have this funny story from last year. IRL friend and FaN blogger, Delia Hauser had these fabulous owl ornaments in her Christmas store, but when I went to buy them, they were sold out. “What happened to the owls?” I asked her. “Oh, Kalimba, bought them.” Kalimba is my favorite actress and also a great IRL friend, but man, was I bitter about her buying those owls up from under me. I complained to Delia about it oh-so-bitterly and also to our other friend, slpc. Then I got a Christmas present from Kalimba in the mail and when I opened it: It was the owl ornaments! I called her up and said obviously she had been told of my bitter complaints, and she answered, no, she saw them and she just thought that the owls were something I might like. Take THAT O’Henry! Yes, I too wonder how I still have IRL friends.

But the point of this story is that Delia’s Christmas MarketStoreShoppe is up now. And it’s going away in just 7 days, so go get your ornament now, b/c there’s no guarantee that your awesome friend will send you the ornament in the mail after they’re all sold out. Click on the pic to go to the store.

Oh, and click here to see Kalimba in “Everything But.” From what I’ve been told, she’s even more amazing than usual in this.