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One More Thing Before We Go: Dr. Wha???

There’s an ancient belief that the highest highs cannot exist without the lowest lows, and perhaps that is true: Only a few weeks after the announcement that Patrick Stewart would do a guest spot on Dr. Who, comes the announcement, that David Tennant, alas, shall be leaving the Dr. Who Universe very soon.

But before you go as I did, gnashing your teeth and ripping your shirt in two while shouting to the unfeeling sky, “Why cruel heavens, why???” — you should know that perhaps inspired by a certain presidential win the buzz out of England is that the next doctor might be black (for the first time in the series history), and even better, played by the same actor who had such an amazing turn as the kindly Dr. Moon during the super-scary library 2-parter last season. So far we’ve seen the bad boy doctor and the spastic doctor in the revival of the Dr. Who TV series, I think I might be ready for a reassuring doctor — though of course I will boo and hiss appropriately for the first few episodes, because I’m going to so, so miss David Tennant.

Yes, I know that I vowed to never get over Christopher Eccleston (never!) when he left after only one season, but you kind of get used to people, you know. Sniff.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.