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One More Thing Before We Go: DVR Alert for Thursday

What is that sound I hear? Is it an angels choir or is it Thursday Night TV? Hard to tell the difference.

So obviously I can’t wait for the most diverse show for adults on TV.

Grey’s Anatomy starts up again on ABC with a 2-hour premiere from 9pm to 11pm. I was actually on Team Rose, but maybe if Meredith stops being so awful and wishy washy, I’ll make the switch to Team MerDer this season. By the way, I just got into a terrible fight with 2 of my co-workers, b/c I’m also on Team Jacob for the Twilight series/upcoming movie. Apparently, I’m a bit of a square peg when it comes to these things.

Ugly Betty is before that on ABC from 8-9pm. If she picks Henry, I will stop watching this show — that’s how strongly I feel about last season’s cliffhanger. Team Gio all the way. Also, I’m always rooting for Wilhemina. She may be evil, but at least she isn’t a trust fund baby. Though, I still haven’t forgiven her for being mean to my favorite Golden Girl, Betty White, in that one episode. Remember that episode?

My Name is Earl, 8-9pm, NBC: He’s back to the list. I liked jail, and I liked the coma, but I love the list the best. Good return to form Earl writers.

The Office, 9-10pm, NBC: Nothing will ever, ever, ever, be more romantic and hoped for than when Pam and Tim finally got together on the English version of The Office, but I’m still following them on the American version. Please don’t string this out forever, Office¬†writers¬†— I hate American TV for doing that. However, I’m over the moon about Dwight and Angela possibly getting back together. I love when awful people find each other and get together. It makes me happy. Dunno why, it just always has.

ER, 10-11pm, NBC: If you’re wondering who’s been keeping this show alive all these years, it was me, danggit! And I’m getting a little sniffly about this being its last season. Sad to see them go, even it’s time.