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One More Thing Before We Go: Feeling Moody and OMB

So you might have noticed something different about the front page today. Yes, the chyck in the mood photo is not me, but the lovely (and long) Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd.

Phew, right? Even I was getting sick of looking at my mug 24/7 on Fierce and Nerdy. Keep checking back. We’ve got new Mood Photos going up all week, and I’ll be letting you know who’s who in the OMTBWG spot until we’ve cycled through all of the new photos — which is going to take a few months. Fun, Fun!

Oh and hey, we just finished principle photography (I think that’s what you call it) on Oh, Merry Beaver! on Saturday. Now begins the hard editing bit, and then we’re hoping to launch the series in February. So definitely stay on the look out for that. Because if OMB turns out even half as fun as the making of it was, it’s going to be beyond awesome. Til then, here’s a picture of a two nuns getting their Thornbird dance on with a priest. Don’t ask.