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One More Thing Before We Go: KTW vs. ETC

So as many of you know, last week in our KTW vs. ETC blog, Kyle T. Wilson asserted (wrongly) that of the two singles released so far from the upcoming TV on the Radio album, “Golden Age” was better than “Dancing Choose.”

He was, of course wrong. But for whatever reason he’s stuck to his erroneous position. And yesterday, he sent me an email with a link to the following video for “Golden Age.” And nothing else.

Well played, Mr. Wilson. But we’ll meet again tomorrow for a versus on the new Passion Pit EP, and we’ll see who’s chortling at the (mostly) black nerd band, the dancing cops, and the random animal-headed people tower then.

Yes, you’ll have to watch the video to get even half of that last sentence. See you tomorrow!