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One More Thing Before We Go: New (To Me) Blogs that I Love

So I keep on forgetting to shout-out two new (to me) blogs that I’ve really been enjoying lately. Obviously I’m a fan of multi-contributor blogs, and if you are, too, you might enjoy these: Thundersquee! and The Urban Chameleon.


Thundersquee! is a humor blog run by The Hags, “a malcontent group of miscreants who are fugitives from a Former Website That Shall Not Be Named.” And it definitely delivers on that promise, plus they call all cute guys “Bale,” as in Christian. As the wife of a DP, I’m obviously not a big Christian Bale fan, but this nonetheless amuses me to no end. Also worth checking out, stopthemadness’s “Top Ten Reasons Sonia Sotomayor is Unfit for the Supreme Court.”

I’m also loving the minority-in-the-mostly-white-city blog, Home of The Urban Chameleon. Especially worth reading, “Ivy League Degrees vs. Drug Dealer Degrees,” which will absolutely give those of us who chose to take on huge amounts of student loans in order to attend “good schools” a moment of ironic pause.