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Ooh, It’s Friday!

Man, whatta week, whatta week. We had the biggest day on record so far, which means more and more people are finding their way to Fierce and Nerdy. We’ll make the world a fierce nerd yet.

So, the big goal over the next two weeks is to get back to my first (publishable) novel, the 2nd draft of which is thisclose to being done. And then it’s off to a copy editor, and then I’ll wave good-bye and send it off into the world of publishing, and wait to see if it sinks or swims.

I’m having all sorts of opposing feelings about this. I don’t hold my plays close or dear. In fact, I don’t consider them to be worthy things unless they’ve been presented to audience. However, with this novel it feels like I’m dealing with a child. I feel almost guilty for exposing it to rejection. And I also feel that I will miss it terribly. “Remember, when it was just you and me, Davie?” I might say to my main character. But at the same time, I want to give it a chance to thrive and be something to people other than me. Like I said, it really does feel like letting go of a child. I’m just having to trust that it will be okay on its own, out in the real world. And that I will, too.

I wonder if that’s why this last bit has been the hardest part. When I started the 2nd draft, I had thought that some of the major changes that I would have to make would be the hardest bit. But those have come and gone, and I only have 50 more pages to go. 50 easy pages at that. Yet I haven’t written for two weeks now… I’m faltering in the last stretch.

But that stops today, I’ve decided. I feel a second wind coming on, and I’m determined to finish the 2nd draft before my writer’s conference next weekend.

Wish me luck.