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Outrageous Court Show Clips: Kicking Back with Jersey Joe [BEST OF FaN]

Originally published 06/10/11

Turn on your TV any weekday afternoon and you’ll find the channels jam packed with court shows.  Each year, we are treated to a few new names, while the old standbys keep getting renewed season after season.

While most are your standard small claims courts case, there are a few moments when these shows turn out to be more Jerry Springer like.  Check out some of these amazing videos I’ve found and you be the judge!

First off, a fight on The People’s Court.  Watch how the producers jump in!  Be sure to look for the use of creative editing and blurs to delete the profanity.

Judge Judy is known to be fierce.  Does she ever smile?  She looks miserable just entering the room.  How could she be when she’s the highest paid judge on TV?  Anyhow, not even an earthquake can stop her…

And here’s the actual show with the earthquake left in.  The producers went way over the top with the voice over and promo.  They tried to sell this like a movie of the week.  It was a bit much.

Next, a woman passes out and falls hard on The People’s Court.  In this case, I think the judge and the crew handled the situation the best they could.

This large, angry woman tries to take on Judge Joe Brown.  Judge Joe and all of us get the last laugh… and wait until you see how he calls her out for stealing food from The Waffle House and that’s not all!

Tough talking Nancy Grace had her own court show this season and when she laid down the law to a feuding family, E!’s The Soup had a field day…

This punk accuses Judge Joe Brown of wearing a dress… Oops

This mumbling guy smokes Marberettes?  Ever hear of those?  Me, neither and neither did Judge Judy….

OMG!  Watch this woman’s teeth fall right out of her mouth on Divorce Court!

Speaking of Divorce Court, what do you when you can’t control your anger over your ex-husband?  You start humming… and then break out into a melody!  And boy, can she hold a tune!

Eye for an Eye is definitely the Jerry Springer of court shows.  Usually, the judgement is that the winner gets to trash the loser’s property, or the loser is often humiliated at the winner’s expense.  On this early episode, the defendant loses it, jumps the bench, and takes a swing at the judge! Something you won’t see anywhere else! By the way, that bailiff is Sugar Ray Leonard, the famous boxer.  Since we’re enjoying Eye for an Eye, check out this clip when two basketball players get into a major fistfight that sends the crew and audience running! I think this show needs more security…

Finally, let’s finish this off with one of the greatest courtroom exits ever!  From Judge Judy, watch this brief clip of a punk kid smacking an innocent woman in the butt with a door!

The vast amount of court shows on the air is simply due to the fact that they are so cheap to produce.

These aren’t actual court cases.  The litigants are found in two ways.  One of the parties contacts the show to ask the judge to arbitrate the case or the producers search out small claims court cases across the country.  They then contact both parties, pay their air fare and a small cash fee, and fly them to Los Angeles or New York for taping.

The judge may or may not be a real judge, however officially on these shows they function more as an arbitrator.  Both parties sign legal documents promising to go along with the TV judge’s ruling.

When the judge orders one of the litigants to pay a cash amount, they don’t actually have to do so.  The show itself will actually cover the cost.  Whoever ends up winning a cash sum in court, the producers simply cut them a check as part of their appearance fee.  These shows are limited to the legal max in the victim’s home state which is $5,000 for most of the country.

Remember, these aren’t actual court rooms, they are merely sets.  Years ago, I was at a taping of The Family Feud in Los Angeles at the Sunset-Bronson Studios.  Behind the back wall where the audience sat, was the set for Judge Judy.  Behind her bench, was the set for Judge Joe Brown.  (Family Feud has since moved and the space is now occupied by Let’s Make a Deal.)

Just think about this… why don’t you ever get to see all four walls on one of these shows?  Look real closely, at times you can see the cameras peeking through various holes in the set.

Besides, have you ever seen a courtroom anywhere as brightly lit, or featuring a giant plasma television with the judge’s name slowly rotating?  Probably not…

THE 411

What: Television Court Shows

Length: Most are 30 minutes in the US

Originally debuted: The People’s Court debuted in 1981 and was the first show not to use actors

JERSEY JOE RECOMMENDS: While the daytime schedules are plastered with these shows, there aren’t as many as there were a few years ago.  They are slowly being replaced by more lifestyle and talk shows.  None of the networks currently carry any.  The CW was the last when it broadcasted the first season of Judge Jeanine Pirro (now syndicated, but is cancelled and will not be back in the fall).

As the next few TV years roll on, a few more shows will disappear.  The more popular shows such as Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and The People’s Court will be around for a long time, while the other lesser known names will probably disappear.

I count The People’s Court as the best one currently on the air.  The worst: Judge Alex.  He must be doing this show for next to nothing, because he and the show are just down right awful.