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Outrageous Marriage Proposals Caught On Tape [Kicking Back With Jersey Joe]

Valentine’s Day is all about love.  On the road to marriage the hopeful young man has to properly propose to his girl.  Some guys go through outrageous setups to pop the question, but things don’t always go as planned and we get to see some of the results – caught on tape!

Our first video recently made national headlines when a girl turns down her would be fiancé in front of the TV cameras at a Houston Rockets game.

That guy is certainly unhappy and I don’t think Clutch, the Rockets mascot is helping.  Although, the beer someone gave him – might!

Another guy tries his luck, this time at a Minnesota Twins game…

His reward – a slap in the face.  At least some of the fans sitting around him offered some support.

Another guy tries in a mall food court, with a little “Sweet Caroline…”

Maybe she ran out, because you’re proposing in a food court!  The ring was probably a BK onion ring, anyhow.

This poor guy proposes in front of an overseas soccer game…  and she looks absolutely horrified!

Now, let’s take a look at some very clever proposals – that DID work and have made some happy couples…

You’ll have to skip the ad, but it’s worth it!  Watch in awe as this guy decides to dump green slime on his girlfriend’s head to propose and she is NOT happy about it.  I would never try this.

Ummm, yeah…

In the next one, you couldn’t ask for a nicer location – just don’t kick the ring box out of your future fiancé’s hand!

Ever thought of proposing at 65 MPH along an interstate… these two made a long distance relationship a permanent one in this highly creative video:

And who doesn’t love it when a weatherman from a rival station gets to propose to his anchor girl – right in the middle of the news?  GMA does!

Check out this guy’s creative way to wake his girl out of a somber sleep to propose.

Sorry camera guy – it’s private time!

Lastly, how could you ever forget your proposal?  Unless, you faint right in the middle of it!

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What: Outrageous wedding proposals caught on tape


JERSEY JOE RECOMMENDS:  Love these or hate these, they’re at least entertaining to watch.  Thanks to Youtube, we now get to experience everything from UFO’s to love caught on tape.  So, sit back and enjoy!

The new FOX series Mobbed, starring Howie Mandel, is taking marriage proposals to the next level – by using full camera crews and flash mobs!  The show gives an interesting look at how the whole scheme is set up, right up to the big moment.  The show will air as a series of specials throughout the season and is actually pretty hilarious!

And now for your bonus… for a class project at Fort Bend Christian Academy, a bunch of kids had to find a creative way to propose in the future.  Well, this kid just went to great heights for it!

Uh, somebody better call maintenance!