Philosophical Monday: Level 3 in the New Mother Game or Do I Smell Desitin?

bettytongueoutSo CH goes back to work tomorrow and in many ways it feels like this new motherhood thing is really about to begin, because I’ll be on my own with Betty for the first time.

This wouldn’t be quite as completely terrifying if there weren’t a few important things that I haven’t quite conquered yet, like working novel writing back into my schedule or getting up before 12pm after a night of feeding Betty every 2 to 3 hours. I also haven’t figured out how to use our coffee maker or gotten up the guts to drive anywhere with Betty by myself — though I did ride in the front seat with CH the other day, so you know, progress…

It’s funny, because a lot of being a writer is about facing up to your fears in order to get stuff done. I thought I had this fear thing down. But it’s a little different with a newborn. You can’t say “If something scares me I’m going to do it anyway” b/c the stakes are too high.

Still I’m aware that I’m eventually going to have to drive Betty somewhere by myself and more importantly, learn how to work the coffee maker.

Being a new mother is a bit like learning a new video game. You have to keep on working the problems until you figure out how to handle every monster (projectile poo) and fireball (houdini baby figures how to get her arms out of any and every swaddler, including the ones made with Velcro) and ravine (baby wakes up the minute you start working on your Fierce and Nerdy post) that’s thrown at you — then you’re racheted up to a new, harder level, and you have to work those problems.

I’ve always been crap at videogames, but I am happy to have somehow made it to the second level. Now if I can just figure out how to solve this diaper rash, drive with a baby in the backseat, make my own coffee, conquer severe sleep deprivation and get back to my novel rewrite, Level 3 here I come!

Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right?