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Philosophical Monday: Beaver, Belgium, Debt — Wait, What?

Guys, I am SO happy to be back at work, because the weekend was EXHAUSTING. The first two days of shooting on Oh Merry Beaver! went swimmingly. I know that everyone’s supposed to dream of luxurious shoots with amenities for days, but I love true guerilla. I always have and I suspect that I always will. It’s great to work with people you like and love and to DIY something together out of nothing. Of course, we’ll see how I feel about the situation after the 4th week of shooting. But for now, I’m just thrilled that everything went so well, and that I only had succumb to one nap.

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way this weekend, that my body has become weak, even when my mind is willing. My old trick of powering through fatigue basically no longer works, and I think that I might have to start taking drastic measures, like no longer going out on Fierce and Nerdy nights, and scheduling in naps, so that I have the energy to get through the day. If I sound bewildered by all of this, it’s because I am. I can’t wait to meet the dot in my womb, but I seriously never thought it would start affecting my life this soon. Go figure. Anyway, I did wake up in time to provide craft services (thank God for Costco Lasagna), continuity advisement and this iPhone photo of one of Merry Beaver’s poor unsuspecting victims. Explanations coming soon when the series airs exclusively on Fierce and Nerdy in early winter. Wee!

In other life news, I’m playing some serious catch-up. As of now, I’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for my Belgium trip which starts next Monday. It’s currently in the mid-40’s in Brussels. How does one dress for the mid-40’s? I’m thinking 4 sweaters, lots of T-shirts to wear under the sweaters and a pair of warm, but comfortable boots. Is that enough for a 10-day trip with chances of rain or snow? Any advice from you East Coasters would be really appreciated, since I’ve apparently completely forgotten to dress for non-California weather.

And one more thing, before we get to all of our awesome Monday blog posts: I’m going to try a series this week. 5 posts on Debt, starting with my Weekly Habit. Makes me feel very NPRish. So keep on checking back everyday, and let me know how you like it.