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Philosophical Monday: Eye of the Betty

bettybraidpuffsSo as many of my Facebook friends already know, Betty was miserably sick from Tuesday to Thursday, then we took her to the doctor on Friday to find out that she had an ear infection and would need antibiotics. And now she’s on the happy mend.

What’s been kind of amazing about almost a whole week of sick baby is that she came back so big. First of all, she can sort of balance on all fours now. This is b/c during the few hours that she wasn’t miserable, she was practicing her pitching forward and general going-somewhere skills. Second of all, she is even more herself now. I missed my Betty. She was actually a lot easier to take care of while sick, b/c she slept more and she pretty much just wanted to veg out and cuddle. But it wasn’t the true version of her, and I discovered that I much rather have her hyper and healthy, than laidback and sick. So it felt like a big “welcome back, Betty!,” when the antibiotics kicked in and she was suddenly ready to play.

I  was even happy yesterday when she resumed sticking her fingers in my mouth and up my nose while I was bottle-feeding her. It’s not the coolest thing to do while your mom is feeding you, but it is Betty’s regular MO. And I’m happy to have her back and in many ways better than ever. I can almost hear her humming “Eye of the Tiger” when she lines her little fingers up with my nostril.

Right now, we’re dealing with a couple of new developments though. Betty’s decided to roll over on her stomach in order to sleep, which freaks us out. We’ve tried putting her back on her back, but she just wakes up and does stuff like rolling into the bars and getting stuck, and then she gets upset with us when we come in and roll her back over, b/c she wants to sleep on her stomach. It’s both farcical and frustrating. If you have any advice about this, please let us know.

A happier development is that Betty’s hair is finally long enough to do something with — but it’s hard to get her to sit still long enough for me to put it into two tiny braid puffs. In fact, I think the only reason she let me do it the first time was b/c she was sick.

Why don’t they warn you beforehand that your precious bundle will one day stick her fingers up your nose, stubbornly roll over on her stomach whenever you put her on her back, and refuse to be groomed in the cutest way possible? Sigh.

Well, I still wouldn’t trade her.