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Philosophical Monday: Good News Thanksgiving

Good news! Good news! On Friday night the 24/7 morning sickness broke and basically settled for just coming on in waves throughout the day. This doesn’t sound as awesome as it is, but believe me when I say that compared to 24/7 nausea, it totally is. I’m grateful for three things:

1. Ginger gum: which seems to be the best cure-all I’ve gotten so far and doesn’t require more appetite than I have at the moment.

2. All of your advice. I’ve got a cabinet full of ginger cookies and candies, and even the motion sickness bracelet for the plane to Texas. I feel like a pregnant Girl Scout, I’m so prepared.

3. The return of my sense of humor and other good qualities. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a good sick person, and added to that, I’m awful quick to whine. I’m fine with that. The nice thing about your 30s is that you begin to accept yourself as you are, and stop beating yourself up about some of your worst qualities. But can I tell you, I was really beginning to miss the good things about myself. And I’m happy to have them back.

Still working on appetite and other concerns, but being in a good mood is helping tremendously with all of that.

All in all, I think it’s going to be a good week for giving thanks.

100% Love,

P.S. — Delia, sorry about posting the monkey again.


Calliope Sock Monkey: Jessica Wilson