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Philosophical Monday: Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas2009So you’re probably wondering why I have a Christmas Eve pic up as the mood photo. Well, here’s what happened: CH and I decided to go to Hawaii with Betty for the holidays, so we said that we weren’t going to decorate or get a tree this year, since we weren’t actually going to be in the house for Christmas.

Then we got back from Thanksgiving and we decided that we would get a tree, but wouldn’t decorate the house. But then we got the tree and decided to decorate, even though we still weren’t going to celebrate Christmas in the house.

Then my MIL started making plans to bake lots of stuff before we left, and we decided that since she got a free turkey a couple of weeks ago (long story), we’d have that to eat on Tuesday night before we left for Hawaii. Then I got CH all of his presents. And three presents for my MIL basically jumped into my basket while I was walking past them. So I wrapped them all up and put them under the tree that we weren’t supposed to have in the first place. Then CH saw my presents for him and he got presents for me and wrapped them all up and put them under the tree, too. Then I got a present for Betty — something that we were already going to get her anyway — and made plans to put that under the tree. Then suddenly presents from my MIL appeared under the tree. It was like The Trouble With Present Tribbles.

So on Sunday we decided to have a special Christmas dinner, then open the presents, then have dessert and coffee, all while CH takes pictures of “Baby’s First Christmas” … on Tuesday the 22nd, b/c we leave on Wednesday.

I guess my point is that as long as you have all the elements in place — presents, family, love, good food, and a camera — Christmas can be whenever you make it.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!