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Philosophical Monday: Is It Time to Join a Mommy Group?

As a nerd, I thought I was over caring whether I fit in, but lately I’ve been grappling with a diminished social life. At a party yesterday, Betty pretty much came in fussing having just woke up. Then I hastily explained that Betty’s cough was from an excess of drool — she wasn’t sick. Another teething symptom, she was especially anti-being held by anyone other than me, which of course invited the usual, “Oh she doesn’t like me” comments.

I felt bad and assured my friends that it wasn’t a lack of liking on Betty’s part, just a preference to be with mom when she wasn’t feeling at her best.

And then when Betty started fussing and letting out little “I’m not happy” screams, instead of trying to calm her down with a small crowd of child-free party guests looking on, I decided to just leave after saying goodbye to the host. A mistake, as it turned out, b/c Betty went into nuclear meltdown before I reached the door and was full on screaming in a Child-service inducing way when I went to put her in the stroller for the walk back to the car.

I beat as hasty an exit as possible and have been racked with guilt ever since that I put a damper on an otherwise lovely afternoon party by thrusting Betty on it.

Everyone was perfectly nice, but I felt so out of place and like I didn’t belong. I also felt cheated out of adult company by our early exit.

I think it might be time to join a Mommy Group. However, I’ve been dragging my feet on this notion, b/c I’m not a huge fan of meeting new people. Also I’m socially awkward outside of the arts scene. Also, I can only engage in mommy talk for so long before I really need to talk about something else. So meeting new people on the sole platform of motherhood? Hmm, I don’t know about that…

But I no longer can go to plays or readings or even hang out with the old social scenes that I’m used to. And it’s been gently brought to my attention that I need to seek more adult company. But again the awkwardness. I don’t know…

Advice totally welcome.