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Philosophical Monday: My First Mother-Inflicted Injury


At least Betty had Cousin Hunter to help with food and entertainment!

So it looks like I’ve strained one of my back muscles, which is making it hard to do everything from picking up Betty to sitting down quickly to laughing or sneezing. I’m not only annoyed as I have like no time to nurse my stoopid back, but I’m also fairly chagrinned that I’m going to have to ask my 67yo MIL to do most of the bending over for me for the next few days.

Also, the baby & me exercise tapes that I had used to shave off two pounds pre-Thanksgiving are out the door for now. Also, I’m worried about getting on the plane home, b/c CH will have to carry Betty in the Baby Bjorn and how about if she gets all worked up, because it’s not my soothing voice in her ear before we board? Seriously, eff.

Today while running errands with my SIL and her family, I found myself looking resentfully at whole mothers who could actually carry their babies for more than 5 minutes without intense back pain. I tried on a few pair of glasses while we were at the optometrist, picking out glasses for my youngest nephew and when I looked in the mirror, I felt a little bit … well… old.

Basically, spraining my back did what not being able to shed my pregnancy weight quick-like-a-bunny, buying a mom purse, and actually having a baby didn’t: I finally feel like somebody’s mother. Somebody’s old mother.

Anyway, if anyone else has ever strained their back before, I’d appreciate any and all advice. I’m mostly wondering how long it takes a strained back to stop hurting, b/c I’m more than ready to be on the other side of this.