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Philosophical Monday: The Best Plans

So super big yea, I’ve made it into my 37th week, which means that Betty is officially full-term, which means that if she were born today that she would probably wouldn’t have to go into an incubator or put on machines to be kept alive.

It also means that she could come any day now, so though I have a lot of other things on my mind other than this baby, life has def become one big prepare.

BTW, I plan to live blog the labor. Living in Cali is interesting b/c there’s always so much talk about living in and fully appreciating the moment. However, I find being in the moment super-boring.

Truth be told, I do a lot of my best writing in yoga class and during guided meditation when I’m supposed to have a quiet mind. So being a writer-by-nature, not just by choice, it only seems natural to live blog the labor, though I can def see why a lot of other people would have a problem understanding that choice.

However, most people that I’ve told about my decision to live blog the labor have been really supportive. Though that might be b/c most people keep their judgmental thoughts to themselves when it comes to pregnant women.

Whatever. Now isn’t the time to start worrying about what others think of me. I’m more concerned about whether I’ll actually be able to do it between contractions, since I don’t plan to get an epidural until I’m between 4 and 5 on the dialation scale. There’s also a kajillion other things that could go keep me from live-blogging, but of course we’ll see.

Either way, keep your eyes on this page for the live blog link which I’ll throw up as soon as I go into early labor.


P.S. — Sorry there’s no pic. Wrote this from my phone as live blogging practice. :)