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Philosophical Monday: The Most Important Thing You Have To Do This Month

So I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I won’t be here (and by here I mean in The States) for the most historic election of our lifetime.

The good news is that I’ll actually be accompanying my chemical engineer sister on a work trip that she’s taking to Belgium. We’re staying in a converted brewery hotel and getting into all sorts of nerdy black girl hijinks on the cobblestoned streets. And by hijinks of course I mean taking lots of pictures of the postcard town we’re staying in, writing in our hotel room, and having a bunch of quiet dinners. Not quite like eating shark (me), flirting heavily with a Liberian Full Moon Party DJ (Liz), or staying in a “bungalow” with no hot water (both of us) like the last time we traveled together to Thailand in 2000,  but it will do. And I’m all sorts of excited, because I’ve been to the UK, but nowhere else in Europe, so one last sister-girl hurrah before I go quietly into that settled down night.

But this is actually not what this blog is about. My sister is having to rush to file absentee in Missouri where she lives. And I just wanted to make sure that all of you have registered to vote. Different states have different laws, and if you put it off to the last minute (as I’m often wont to do), then you could seriously miss out on having your voice heard this year.

So go to right now to see what your state’s registration deadline is. I say “right now” in some states, you’ve already missed your window if you haven’t registered yet. And after you do that come back and watch the video after the jump, that pretty much sums up how a lot feel about voting. Big thanks to The Sauda Voice for hepping me to this on her site. Though on a very serious note, not sure about this facial hair that Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is trying to grow. What do we think? Yea or nay?