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Philosophical Monday: The Tri-Weekly Habit – Real Food for the Single Eater

Whatta week! Whatta week! Happy Martin Luther King’s Day. And tomorrow’s the Inauguration. And perhaps most importantly, I actually made it a whole week without spending any money on non-necessities.

This was especially hard to do over the weekend, when I woke up on Saturday, wanting nothing more than a leisurely restaurant brunch with my husband. Also, I discovered that the fact that I haven’t been cooking much lately has become a real problem. After 7 days straight of Fresh & Easy pre-packaged meals, I threw a temper-tantrum on myself and demanded that I actually make the effort to prepare myself real food.

“I mean I am pregnant,” I whined to myself. “I deserve home-cooked meals.”

“If you can find time for me to cook for you, then by all means, I’ll starting making you real dinners,” I answered.

omeletteBut then I realized that I actually had a little more time on my hands these days. As it turns out, your social life doesn’t exactly thrive when you’re not spending any money on non-necessities whatsoever. So all those leisurely lunches and brunches left spaces in my days perfect for cooking.

However, a second problem arose. CH is on nutri-system and I can’t eat a low-calorie diet while I’m pregnant. Back when I was single, I used to eat pasta like every day that I didn’t go out, but I’ve learned better nutrition sense then, plus, I’m eating for two, so 24/7 pasta is no longer an option.

Luckily, Delia from “Chic Geek” is putting together a recipe book for singles, so I volunteered to become her recipe tester for the week. More on that in the next few days.

One of the really great things about acquiring good habits over the course of 21 days is that you can become creative and adjust your lifestyle to fit the habit. I miss the lovely scramble with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes from toast? — no problem, I picked up the ingredients to make my own scramble at the grocery store this weekend. Same goes for my favorite chicken breast sandwich from Organic-To-Go.

So if you find yourself struggling with your new habit, find some way to make it little more fun. Challenge yourself or figure out a way to get the things you crave within the parameters of your good habit.  Oh, and if you have any other good recipes for singles, let me know in the comments and I’ll try a few of them out next week.

. photo credit: Chunky Salsa