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Philosophical Monday: You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog

bassethoundsSo CH and I have been talking on and off about a acquiring a Basset Hound for the etCH menagerie since the summer. But after attending a New Years Party with a really friendly new kitty named Riley Ryan in attendance, I got a little obsessed.

It all started innocently enough. “Where did you get Riley Ryan?” I asked our husband host.

And without going into the lovely and dramatic story he told us, the answer boiled down to Craigslist.

Oh Craigslist. Suddenly I was flooded with my own fondness for the list. Though we haven’t talked much in the last year, we have quite a history. After I moved to Los Angeles, I found my first car, apartment, freelance journalism gigs and dates on Craigslist. Yes, all on Craigslist! Craigslist also led me to The Derby Dolls and countless other adventures. I adore Craigslist.

But you know what I’ve never found on Craigslist? A pet! So with some excitement, I started stalking the list for a basset hound.

And so far, no luck. We’ve found exactly three candidates: one was already adopted by the time we call the rescue shelter; the second was too old — we don’t want a puppy, but we also don’t want to have the death talk with our kids when they’re like 3; and the third rescue wasn’t quite what was advertised, in that it looked nothing like it’s picture — which was kind of funny, because I hadn’t known we were online dating.

I’m starting to feel a little disheartened, though it’s only been four days of searching. Several questions arise. How long should one stalk Craigslist for the perfect hound? And is there a better way to go about rescuing a particular breed or breed mix of dog? For all you dog owners out there, how did you go about finding the perfect four-footed mate? Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

. photo credit: megawump1