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Play that Funky Music, Baby [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

Lately, Betty has started really loving children’s music. She tries to sing along with YO GABBA GABBA, so tunelessly that we often have to check with each other that she’s actually singing. Sadly, singing ability doesn’t run in either of our families, and it doesn’t look like Betty’s going to break that tradition. However, there’s one thing Betty loves even more than children’s music and that’s funky R&B: Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, pretty much any upbeat R&B pre-dating the 90s, she just loves it.

Both CH and I love the indie bands, 80s new wave, and quite a bit from the 90s. While she’s in the car with me, I usually listen to Top 40, plaintive indie electronic rock, or until she started repeating words, rap. ABut Betty doesn’t respond to any of my favorite stations. Give her Hot 92.3 Old School and R&B  or give her silence. She also doesn’t care for the Beach Boys or Cyndi Lauper or any of the music I loved growing up. And though I can burn up a dancefloor to “When I Hear Music” myself, I have to admit that I find Betty’s preference somewhat bizarre, because it’s not a preference cultivated by us, like the way she’ll choose strawberries over cupcakes at birthday parties, but one decided seemingly on her own.

I’m sure her music taste will change over time — I mean we’ll have to talk disinheritance if she doesn’t get onboard the TV on the Radio train when she’s older — but I’m wondering if any of you have had similar experiences with your children. What were their original music preferences? And do you remember your own? Funnily enough, though my mother loved funky R&B herself, I much preferred rap, 70s rock, and Top 40 when I was a child. So maybe Betty will get a big musical preference surprise if and when she has children of her own.

Til then, I guess I’ll crank up the Michael Jackson, a music choice we both can agree on. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, she’s dancing to a cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Shining Star” in the featured image.