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Pregger Brain [NewlyNested]

“Be careful not to gain the newlywed 15!” That was the piece of advice my mother gave me on my wedding day, just before we left for our honeymoon.  She has always been one to tell me the dark side of the truth.  While I focused on getting in the best shape for my wedding, the nasty truth is, as soon as you are married you tend to gain weight.

The same went for pregnancy.  She has constantly told me with every child she had, she lost her mind a little more.  I thought she was just giving me an excuse for her slow responses, not because her thinking was slowing, but because with three children, a business, and a house to take care she just had too much on her plate.  It wasn’t an excuse.  She was right, having a baby kills a little bit of your mind.

Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating, because I am hoping my mind gets back to its sharp state once this baby is born, but the truth is there is something that is happening that is making me just a little more stupid every day.

I first noticed my brain slipping away when I would be talking to my husband and in mid-sentence I would completely forget what I was saying.  My brain quite literally emptied and there was nothing there.  Then the pregnancy brain started to effect things in my life.  Like my bed.  We have a Tempur-Pedic Ergo system(moves like a hospital bed). I washed the remote with the bedding.  When I was taking the sheets off I repeatedly said to myself, “Remember to remove the remote.” Of course I didn’t and the remote broke, while my bed was in the fully reclined position.

Finally, just this morning I tried to fill a bottle with water from my refrigerator. The bottle’s cap was still on.  Most people would notice this immediately, once they noticed water pouring onto the floor instead of into the bottle, but not me.  It took me a few minutes to realize that the problem was the cap on the bottle.  That simple mistake left me with a big mess to clean in my kitchen.

While my mom’s honesty is refreshing, I really hope that a part of me was right and that the appearance of the lingering pregnancy brain was from multitasking, not from child birth.  I can’t stand having the feeling of losing my mind any longer!

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featured image credit: C. Strife