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Procrastinate on This!

Could you tell that I wrote that in the same tone of voice as “Get up on this!” from Salt N’ Peppa’s “Push It?”

Soooo… how ya feeling? You’re not really at work anymore are you? I mean your body’s there, but your mind — well that’s somewhere else. And you’re wondering why employers even bother to make their workers stay after 1:00pm.

Well here are a few fun things to kill some time while your waiting out the work clock’s slow-motion tick.

Gabby Cabby at For those of us that are planning to vote for Barack Obama and had cabbage patch dolls growing up, this is a funny must-see from our friends over at

Jason Statham Fans AND Haters: This filmdrunk post is the funniest impression of Jason Statham that I have ever read, seen or heard. Plus, the Transporter 3 trailer. So you can wonder along with me. Why??? — though, let’s keep it real, I can’t wait for Crank 2.

I know a lot of us our suffering from politics fatigue, but The Living Room Candidate website is definitely worth a visit. Basically a collection of political ads from 1952 on. Shocking to see the evolution of political commercials into what they are today. Most surreal, how similar the issues in this 1952 Eisenhower ad are to today’s political issues. And this Kennedy ad complete with jingle and cartoon images probably wouldn’t fly today — but man, would I love to see one of the candidates try. NPR also has a great story on this website, listen to it here.

And just in case you were thinking of snorting a bunch of cocaine this weekend and then strapping on butterfly wings and going to a rave, this video ought to dissuade you. See it after the jump.

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