The Kardashian Calculator, Florissant Missouri, Fall TV and Precocious Black Girls Were All Caught Procrastinating on This!

1. A “Kardashian” is a unit of measure representing 72 days of marriage. So I’ve been married 26.13 Kardashians! Click through to see how many Kardashians you’ve been married. [Kardashian Calculator]

2. Delia Hauser, who planned my baby shower (which was called the “best baby shower I’ve ever been to” by many of those in attendence) has done us all the great favor of breaking down her shower-planning process. Only click through if you want the baby shower you’re planning to throw to be beyond awesome. [Martha Stalwart]

If I owned a breakfast/brunch restaurant, I'd want chairs like this. via LikeCool

3. Florissant, Missouri, also known as the place where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a member of my extended St. Louis fam, made the list of “Best Places to Live” at #76. [CNNMoney]

4. And here’s “The 10 Best Disney Songs You’ve Never Heard.” Apparently Mustafa originally had a song in THE LION KING. Who knew! []

5. Author Tayari Jones issues “A Warning Against Self-Sabotage” for her August #writelikecrazy challenge. Run tell that, sister! [Tayari Jones]

6. There really is nothing to watch on TV, so check out this newly updated list of “251 Movies About Writers,” many of which are available on Netflix streaming. And by the way, I’m still dreaming about a LIMITLESS pill — or at least a film version where a fellow working mom takes the pill. Now that would be som wish-fulfillment watching! [Christina Katz]

7. Le Sigh. Childcare is now more expensive than college in most states. [The Consumerist]

8. Oh, and here’s a super huge guide to Fall’s Nerdiest TV shows. Yay, Fall. Seriously I’m so thirsty for good TV. [i09]

9. As a fan of both precocious black girls and butter, I will definitely be seeing BUTTER in theater.