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Procrastinate on This! 3 Out of 5 Video Edition

aeneidonfacebookfinal_02So as you may or may not know, I collect things for the big Friday edition of Procrastinate on This! all week, and the format is 4 pieces of interesting news and then one video. Sometimes I have two or even three really good videos competing for that one spot. This week I had like ten, and it was all I could do to narrow it down to 3, so make sure that your speakers are on for this edition.

1. First up, the only non-audio item: How off-the-charts clever is this Facebook Aenid? [Gawker]

2. Oh, Padma Lakshmi, how could you sell out your ethereal beauty like this? Also, do any of us really believe that she eats Hardee’s (or Carl Junior’s if you’re on the West Coast) burgers? [Hardee’s Commercial]

3. I’ve watched this trailer for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are several times now, and I still can’t decide if it’s “I’m so there” or “hipster precious lame” — weigh-ins welcomed in the comments. [Defamer]

4. Yet another great music introduction from a fellow blogger that I plan to add to my roll this weekend between Breastfeeding class and other Betty-related errands. But I would actually argue that this band, Other Lives is better than Radiohead, because I’m not a) sick to death of them, or b) convinced that they’re way overhyped for what they actually are. [The Rest of Yesterday]

5.You’re a jerk! Thanks to Sallie Patrick for the heads up on my new favorite “black kids dancing when they should be getting some book-learnin’ video.”