Procrastinate on This and THE AWESOME GIRL’S GUIDE TO DATING EXTRAORDINARY MEN Update[Friday Edition]

Before we get into this week’s batch of procrastination, some news news on the next book front. We were shooting for summer, but we’ve now been scheduled for this October. And I should have an exact date soonish, too. So stay tuned for that announcement. Meanwhile, here’s a whole bunch of procrastination to get you through the weekend.

1. Listen to Arthur C. Clarke (author of 2001) tell a kid who will be in his 30s in 2001, what his computer life will be like in 2001 — and pretty much nail it. This made me a little sad for all the futuristic stuff I know is coming but won’t see within my lifetime. Hopefully they really will figure out how to upload our consciousnesses into machines one of these before-I-die days. [Arthur C. Clarke]

Guys, I am trying SO hard not to bully my daughter into becoming an astronaut, let her be her own person and all that -- blah, blah, blah. But these drawings of ground-breaking astronauts like Mae Jemison by Phillip Bond really aren't helping. Betty please make your mama insanely happy by becoming an astronaut. Everybody else can click on the pic to go to the The Mary Sue and see the rest of the comic portraits, which include last month's Lady Nerd featuree, Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman to go into space.

2. Here are some scholarships for moms seeking degrees. [Consumerist]

3. Good news, Throne nerds, GAME OF THRONES has been renewed for a third season. [Deadline Hollywood]

4. Watch a self-driving Google car take a blind man to Taco Bell. Is it wrong that I almost don’t want to buy this house we’re waiting to hear back about, because I want to have money at the avail to buy one of these self-driving cars as soon as they come out? [Digital Trends]

5. This is really amazing advice for getting ish done when you have no free time, but still want to get your side hustle on. Right now I’m working on a non-fiction and fiction book in tandem, and these tips are helping me stay caught up with both. Keep in mind, I’m only recommending the blog post itself. I haven’t bought any of the products advertised in the banner and sidebar. [I Will Teach You to Be Rich]

6. So apparently the sequel to SHOWGIRLS (which was a love-to-hate favorite during my Smith College days) isn’t half-bad. [Gawker]

7. One of my favorite book bloggers, Reads4Pleasure, is trying to get to this year’s Independent Book Blogger’s convention in New York but needs some voting help to get there. [Reads4Pleasure]

8. As an amateur survivalist, I found this post on Survialist Dating sites fascinating. [i09]

9. Ugh, I’m trying not to buy any new clothes this month, since we’re possibly gearing up to put a downpayment on a house. But man, T-shirts like this R2-D2 one make it hard. [Fashionably Geek]

10. Well, they finally posted the trailer for LOOPER, starring Bruce Willis and a barely-recognizable Joseph Gordon-Levitt (dude must have LIVED at the gym for this joint, smoked cigarettes, and stood out in the sun, because he now looks older [as opposed to four years younger] than me ). In any case, it looks very, very, very good. Check it out: