Procrastinate on This! [BOOK WEEK!!!]

Oh, guys, it’s been yet another wonderful BOOK WEEK, and I can’t wait to do it again in the fall. Sadly, we’re off for the next two weeks — those Olympics ain’t gonna obsessively watch themselves– but do come back to read or re-read the best blogumns we’ve written since our last summer hiatus. Meanwhile here’s a whole crapload of stuff I’ve been storing away like a really nerdy squirrel for Book Week.

1. Just in time for the Olympics, comes this list of “Top 89 Books about Girls and Women in Sports.” Big thanks to Dr. Miro for sending this around. [bitchmedia]

2.Heya, funny folks! is looking for writers! [GalleyCat]

3. This is funny, because a trailer for the movie version of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY would totally look like this if it were made today. I think this is supposed to horrify us, but it just made me want to watch it again.

4. This is by far the best book review ever. Do yourself a favor and definitely click through. []

5. Forget GAME OF THRONES, Ron Moore (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) will be turning Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER, one of my favorite time travel stories, into a television series. Yes! Yes! Yes! [i09]

How awesome is this face bookshelf. So bummed it's not actually for sale. But click on the pic to find out more about the artist, Alexi McCarthy.

6. This list of “16 Books Challenged for Their Gay Content” sounds like a must-read list to me. My favorite book of all time, THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker, made the cut, and it really does make my heart ache to think that there are school libraries in our nation that refuse to stock it. Another big thanks to Dr. Miro for bringing this item to our attention — she really loves BOOK WEEK. [Huffington Post]

7. This list of the 5 Best and 5 Worst Fictional Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors is composed only of white men. This made me sad, because I’m not recalling any fictional authors depicted by women or a person of color, save Benny Russell, the pulp sci-fi writer for the fictional INCREDIBLE TALES Magazine, and the alter ego of Captain Benjamin Sisko on DEEP SPACE NINE (or was it the other way around? Bum! Bum! BUUUUUUMMM!!!). Can you think of any others? [Topless Robot]

8. I loved this “Collection of Rejected Titles” for classic novels. Apparently, Alex Haley’s ROOTS was originally titled BEFORE THIS ANGER; and get this, Toni Morrison’s PARADISE was originally called WAR. Though, I think Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD would have sold just as well under its original title, ATTICUS. [The Penguin Press]

9. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use any of the lessons found within novels, featuring people who have survived apocalyptic catastrophes. But just in case, check out this list of “Novels that Could Help You Prepare for a Future Pandemic.” [i09]

10. People whose taste in books I really respect have been advising me to read CLOUD ATLAS for years, insisting that I will really love it. I’ll confess that I tried to read it when it first came out and could not make it through the first ten pages. But now I not only plan to read it before the next BOOK WEEK, I’ll also be watching the movie version on opening weekend. Yes, the trailer is that effing good. See for yourself below.