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Procrastinate on This: Dr. Who Would Make a Terrible Teacher

Oh, yay, big thanks to our nephew, Josh, who hepped me to the below Catherine Tate (aka Donna from Dr. Who) vids with the following note:

So i found the British Bon Qui Qui, and she is hilariousssssss. I think you might recognize her. Her show is a bit like MadTv.  Watch this one first so you can see what she is like and then watch this one. It has Doctor Who in it. The first one isn’t as funny as the second, but for the second one to be funny, you have to watch one of her other videos.

P.S. — “Am I bovvered” means I don’t care, but you probably would have figured that out yourself.

Lauren Cooper and The Queen:

And the much funnier Lauren Cooper and Dr. Who can be seen here.