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Procrastinate on This: Everybody Loves Each Other These Days

Hey Guys,

Shockingly I’m feeling more awake than I have all week, which is a good thing, b/c we’re shooting Oh Merry Beaver! all weekend, and today is pretty much my last chance to finish my big work project, organize next Monday’s and Tuesday’s Fierce and Nerdy, and basically do everything that I need to do for my Belgium trip outside of packing.

Sadly, I keep on forgetting that it’s Halloween.

But just because I’m insane, doesn’t mean that you should go without. Here’s your weekly procrastination:

1. According to NPR’s best non-weekend program, Day to Day (Cali represent!), just about every brunette with a pair of glasses is dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween this year. Check out their slideshow of listener pictures here.

2. And according to my Statcounter, last week’s flash games link was rather popular, so here’s one more game courtesy of CH. Click here for the ghoulish (so Halloween-appropriate) game, “Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself),” courtesy of Adult Swim.

3. I heard this Ezra Furman and the Harpoons song, “Take Off Your Sunglasses” on the radio this morning, and fell in instant love, despite their heavy use of the (much despised by me) harmonica. Take a listen and let me know what you think:

4. If your Halloween Date says “Let’s just hang out at my apartment and watch a movie tonight,” blame the economy. Apparently people are cutting back on dating costs. Read the full story here.

5. Did your college make the list of “Top 100 Most Expensive Colleges?” My undergrad, Smith College, is at #78 and my grad school, Carnegie Mellon University is at #11!!! Wow, no wonder I’m going to be paying off my student loans until I’m 60. See the full list here, and let me know how your school did in the comments.


Photo Credit: Caro Scuro