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Procrastinate on This! Fetus Twitters and Ninja Kittens

Wow, 1PM on a serious holiday party weekend. Why do they even bother to call us in? No, seriously, I’m curious if there’s any boss anywhere that actually thinks we’reĀ  doing work right now.

Anyway, here’s five things to kill at least 20 minutes while you’re waiting for the work clock to tick down.

1. If you like Guitar Hero or even if you hate it, this super-viral video is a must watch.

2. Start an argument with your co-workers about whether this iPhone text that an high schooler accidentally sent her father about what a gr8 time she had losing her virginity on the beach is fake or not.

3. Tech geeks: consider knocking off this sensor (pictured) that sends a twitter every time your baby kicks and giving it to me as a baby shower gift. I wonder how many people we could get to follow Betty Angela.

4. If you’re going to New York anytime soon, think about staying at the Algonquin Hotel, as they’re offering a Kindle pre-loaded with a book of your choice for the duration of your stay. Ah, literary luxury. While there, wonder why The Kindle is already sold out for Christmas as of like last week. It sold out last Christmas. You’d think they would have manufactured more for 2008. It’s like the Wii 2007 debacle all over again. So annoying.

5. I am seriously trying to post less cat stuff, but for the love of God, these are ninja kittens!!! Who could resist this??? Not I…