Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]

As you’re reading this, I’m recording a sure-to-be-awesome debut novel podcast with Ryan Dixon for ScriptShark. So do stay tuned for details about that, as we’ll be giving away a few copies of the 32 CANDLES paperback to some lucky listeners. Meanwhile, please enjoy this big chunk of procrastination, courtesy of your friends at Fierce and Nerdy.

Obviously your baby needs a mustache pacifier. OBVIOUSLY. Click on the pic to get yours at etsy for $10.

1. Agent Rachelle Gardner, has a parade of posts about book promotion. Every author and would-be author should do themselves the favor of reading through them as super-valuable insights abound. [How to Market Your Book]

2.  Looking for good-but-cheap e-books. Harper Perennial is selling 20 of its books for $0.99 for the entire month of August. Ole! [Harper Perennial 20 E-books for $20]

3. Hey-o, Emerging Authors, SheWrites is running a contest, in which five would-be novelist will win coverage of their first 2,000 words from two agents and an editor from Grand Central Publishing. I would have entered this contest SO HARD back when I was gearing up to start sending my book around. Definitely take advantage. [We Love New Novelists! Contest]

4. Wondering about the serious lack of great (or even halfway decent) movies this summer? Screenwriters/actors Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon explain why movies suck so very hard these days. Warning: if you’re actually in the filmmaking business, you will be seriously depressed after reading this. [NY Post]

5. But RED TAILS, a movie about black WWII fighter pilots, does not look like one of those movies that will suck. It stars just about every black male B-lister in Hollywood, and I will be seeing it in the theater come January 2012. Check out the trailer below.