Procrastinate on This! [Friday Edition]

Hey Guys,

About to rush over for my #litchat on Twitter, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging without any procrastination for the work day. So if you can’t make the #litchat, here’s something else to do while you’re not doing something else:

1. Just in case you didn’t think we were living in a sci-fi novel already, it looks like we’ll soon be able to determine the sex of unborn babies with a simple blood draw at seven weeks. Nice! [i09]

2. The NPR list of of Top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books as voted on by the American public has few women and not even one person of color — not even Octavia Butler … not even Murakami. Way to go, America. [NPR]

3. Speaking of writers of color who should have made that list, Tananarive Due has some great advice about making a book trailer on a budget. [Tananarive Due]

4. Apparently Computer Science started off as a women’s profession — thought to be a natural extension of the secretary’s job. Thanks to Baby Smiling for the h/t. [The Society Pages]

5. Um, speaking of traditionally female positions, how is THE SITTER not ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING with Jonah Hill, sex, and cussing? Just pointing some things out….