Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition

Hello Friends,

I know you’ve been waiting all week for this, so I won’t dilly-dally. Ahem, you’re Friday chunk of procrastination…

As a subway-goer myself, I just have to say, God bless Jay Shells, the artist who came up with this guerilla subway etiquette campaign. Click on the pic to see the entire series

1. God, I wish I’d had the mammaries to do something like this during my Sunday School days. [FailBlog]

2. Don’t be afraid of sharks, be afraid of obesity, airplanes, hippos, bathtubs, deer, and hotdogs — because all of those things kill more people on their own than sharks do. [Damn Cool Pictures]

3. For anyone who gets as frustrated with the “science” and “technology” used in the CSI series as I do. [Comixed]

4. The most appropriate rape analogy I’ve ever read. [Feminist Philosophers]

5. In Australia escaped pet birds (mostly parrots and cockatoos) are teaching their wild brethren English. Methinks the screenwriter of RIO 2 just got a plot gimme. Get to typing, lucky boy! [treehugger]

6. Ooh! Facebook may be introducing new buttons, including “Read” “Listened” “Watched” and the one I’ll be pressing like a fiend: “Want.” Thanks to Ryan Dixon for the h/t. [techcrunch]

7. I don’t know what it is about movies that involve old folks falling in love, but I just love them to death. So yeah, I saw COCOON in the theater, and I’ll so be seeing THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, which is about old people (most excitingly Bill Nighy and Dame Judi Dench) falling in love in India.