Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]

Hey fierce nerds!

Sarah Fazeli’s love letter to movie snacks made me crave popcorn, hard. So I’m headed to whatever movie starts in 10 minutes. But I wouldn’t just leave you like that. Before I go sit in the dark, here’s some stuff to help you with your Friday procrastination:

1. A good guide to giving a great reading by author, Jennifer Nielsen. [Shrinking Violet Promotions]

Apparently, creating an awesome DIY Daft Punk helmet will only cost you four months and um, a lot of nerdy determination. Click on the pic to find out how. via LikeCool

2. A friendly reminder to keep your eyes on the prize and run your own race. [Seth Godin blog]

3. Ten Historic Female Scientist You Should Know (apparently, Marie Curie wasn’t the only nerdy gal that knew how to swing a microscope). [The Smithsonian]

4. Celebrate fall with this awesome (and filthy-mouthed) ode to gourds. Thanks to Gudrun Cram-Drach for the h/t. [Timothy McSweeney]

5. File this under, “Didn’t Know How Much I Needed It, Until I Read About It” [Nerdy Day Trips]