Procrastinate on This — Halloween Edition [BEST OF FaN]

It was so amazing to see my home team win the World Series while surrounded by family. Also, I’m still a little fearful of swimming pools since watching the video for DYE’s “Fantasy,” so being the lovely person that I am, I figured it would be a great idea to re-run it during swimming pool season. 

Hey Fierce Nerds!

I’m headed back to St. Louis for a family visit and what I’m sure will be a fabulous Wine, Wit, and Lit event in St. Charles, featuring a gang of super-amazing STL authors. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging for procrastination on Halloween weekend. Enjoy the below. And, of course….



And here's a handy map showing the scariest thing in every state courtesy of Click on the map to see the larger version.

1.Want to make your Halloween pumpkin extra special and nerdy? How about carving a mockingjay into it? Here are instructions for how to do that. You’re welcome. [The Mary Sue]

2. If the Hunger Games squash doesn’t light up your stoop, how about slicing up these jack-ass-o-lantern effigies of the FX cartoon spy team from ARCHER. []

3. Apparently, Ben Affleck has been tapped to direct a movie version of THE STAND by Stephen King. This is either going to be scary-good or scary-bad. [Topless Robot]

4. Still don’t think we’ll eventually be taken over by the machines? Click HERE and HERE. I’m just saying that I hope our future overlords celebrate Halloween.

5. Still looking for costume ideas? Think about going literary! [The Galleycat]

6. Big thanks to French animator, Jeremie Perrin, who uses the old titillate-us-then-terrify-us trick to great effect in this fantastically disturbing video for DYE’s “Fantasy.”