Procrastinate on This [Friday Edition]

1. 10 (fairly easy) zen habits that will make parenting easier for you. [The Rules of Effortless Parenting]

2. If you want to get a better night sleep, consider putting your smart phone in another room. I’m going to try this next week, but truth be told, I’m already starting to feel anxious at the thought of doing so, which brings me to the article’s next point — I’m totally and somewhat unhealthily addicted to my iPhone. Find out if you are, too. [CNN]

3. Wanna be a better thief? Here’s how to unlock anything from those addictive smart phones to physical locks to garage doors.  [LifeHacker]

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

4. If you want to continue to enjoy McRibs, perhaps it’s best if you don’t click on the following link to find out what they’re made of. [Consumerist]

5. An argument for buying inexpensive technology by a blogger who lost his iPod and bought a Coby. Yeah I’d never heard of that brand either. Really the only reason I’m posting this is in the interest of keeping FaN somewhat fair and balanced. #TeamMac4Life [The Last Word on Nothing]

6. Burt Reynolds is set to guest star on the next season of ARCHER (which begins in January). So the answer to your question is no, life couldn’t possibly get any better. [EW]

7. Got bad teeth? No worries about passing them along to your grandchildren. Science is working on a vaccine to prevent tooth decay. Yay, Science! [i09]

8. Is it wrong that I have always liked the Misfits more than Jem and the Holograms? Goody-goody is so boring. At least the Misfits kept things interesting, even if some of their schemes were downright illegal. Anywho, here’s a list of “10 Jem Episodes Where the Misfits Totally Should Have Been Thrown in Jail.” [Topless Robot]

9. Ugh! My inability not to watch something that The Rock is in once again bites me in the butt. I will see JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, the Brendan-Fraserless JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH sequel, but only b/c it stars the weirdly irresistible Dwayne Johnson and Michael “I make every pile of dung I’m way better” Caine. Check out the trailer below: