Procrastinate on This! [Friday Edition]

1. Amazing writing advice from Tayari Jones: “Here is an easy suggestion to amp up the language in your story.  Use your “find” function on your word processor and look for the following words– NEVER, ALWAYS, EVERYBODY, NOBODY, NO ONE, EVERYBODY, NOTHING, EVERYTHING.  You think you are using these words for emphasis.  For example, you say that NOBODY attended the funeral. I get your point that the guy was not popular. But it’s way more interesting for you to describe the two or three people that did attend. ” [Tayari Jones]

Sadly, I'm just really not seeing a scenario in which I don't end up watching CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP. Which hits ABC on Tuesdays, starting Jan. 3rd. Click on the pic for more info. via Jezebel

2. Zombie Christmas Cards: Unghh, Yes! [ThinkGeek]

3. Did we not feature any cat stuff this week??? Oh now, we can’t have that. Go get your (really friggin cute) fix at [cuteoverload]

4. I can’t decide whether this dog decorating trend is dreadful or fascinating. In any case, I expect we’ll get a reality show about it fairly soon.  [BoingBoing]

5. Need to Photoshop a pic, but low on dash? Check out these “Top 10 Photoshop Tricks You Can Use Without Buying Photoshop.” On a related note, I continue to just adore the internets. [lifehacker]

6. I think this news item proves that there’s a thin line between awesome homage and waaaay too much time on one’s hands. [endgadget]

7. After watching this Siri ad parody, I asked Siri to tell my husband, “I love you.”