Procrastinate on This! [Friday Edition]

Hello! Hello, Wonderful People! If I sound a bit more chipper than usual, that’s because I’ll most likely be getting my sitting up privileges back on Monday, when I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant. Huzzah! The only nice thing about being forced to lie down almost 24/7 is gaining appreciation for the heretofore smaller things in life.

But enough about me, let’s get into your weekend chunk of procrastination:

1. For your consideration, the 10 worst movies made by 2012 Oscar nominees [Topless Robot]

2. Thinking about asking for a raise or really just interacting with any kind of sales person this year? Then you should definitely read this guide to easily negotiating for anything you want first. [Lifehacker]

3. Sigh. Sounds like both black and white women need to closely vet their therapists: “Therapists tend to view African American women as anxious or phobic while perceiving white women who describe similar emotions and behaviors as sad and depressed. Black women are more likely to be described by therapists as hostile and paranoid, and diagnosis for black women is inclined to be more severe than for white women.”–Melissa Harris-Perry [AfroFuturist Affair]

4. “20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World But Nobody Will Say” — clever list, but I wouldn’t be a good East Coaster turned Californian if I agreed with the assertions that New York bagels are terrible and all wines taste the same. [First We Feast]

5. Want your home life to operate, taste, and smell better this year? Then check out these 44 tips and make it so! [Buzzfeed]

6. If you’re feeling a little too up because it’s the weekend, then check out this post, which charts the causes of death in America between 1970 and 2006. That should bring you back down. [i09]

7. Due to not being able to have a date night for several months into the foreseeable future, I’m looking crazy-forward to the summer movie season, including PACIFIC RIM, a Guillermo Del Toro action flick, starring a constantly-yelling-but-still-sexy Idris Elba monster exoskeletons. Oh, yeah!