Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition

I hate to say this, but Easter isn’t my favorite holiday. The Resurrection gets a big ole thumbs up — especially for theatrics. But unlike Zac, I’m not a big fan of Easter candy. In fact, the only candy I hate more than Cadburry Eggs are those awful, awful Peeps, which taste exactly like a pile of squishy chemicals in my mouth. Anyway, this is all to explain why your weekly dose of procrastination isn’t themed around Easter.

Stormtroopers-365_21. The only David Mamet play I have ever liked is Glengarry Glenross. I also seriously despised The Unit. But this writing advice re that now-defunct TV show is very, very good. [The Producer’s Perspective]

2. Yay! We’re getting closer and closer to self-propelled (aka robotic) cars. Can’t wait to be able to read and commute at the same time! []

3. Ida B. Wells, Gloria Steinem and Sojourner Truth just got pushed to the em-effin curve. This chyck is my new hero. [Jezebel]

4. Having read books like Sounder, Old Yellow,┬áCall of the Wild, and not-very-assorted other texts from a mostly-male canon in high school, I already thought we were catering to boys as far as literature in schools went. I don’t think we need to increase the amount of testosterone in our children’s reading classes in response to boys lagging behind in reading skills. I still to this day cannot read any book with a dog as one of the main characters. [NYT]

5. I’m really, really, really committed to not referencing Star Wars next week (like I’ve been promising for three weeks now). So let me just get this video and these Stormtrooper pics out of the way. Click on the above pic to see more Stormtroopers at work and at play. [LikeCool]