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Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition

So much to do this weekend: ¬†Two of my nephews are in town and I’m headed to the Mixed Roots Festival to see Carleen Brice (Orange, Mint, and Honey, Children of the Waters) and Monique from “Honeysmoke” speak. I’m also reading tons and digging around the internet extra hard to find stuff for BOOK WEEK, which starts next Monday, so make sure you come back then. Meanwhile, here’s a big hunk of procrastination to chew on, until we see you next.

Okay, at $590, this diaper bag isn't exactly inexpensive. But it is gorgeous and my favorite hair blogger, Curly Nikki, has a 20% off discount code for you through July 31. So click on the pic for the deets.

1. I am just shocked that someone didn’t think of a Mr. Elvis Potatohead sooner. But I suppose late is better than never. [Jezebel]

2. As someone who wrote a futuristic screenplay in which the main character’s six-year-old son creates a replica of his mother’s DNA as a show-and-tell project, I find the fact that we might soon be able to get our genomes sequenced for $30 intriguing to say the least. [i09]

3. I found this short self-test for the triggers we use to fascinate (or if you want to be blunt, market ourselves to) others fascinating. Apparently, I use a mix of Prestige and Vice, which doesn’t seem to go together, but probably makes a lot of sense if you know me IRL. Let me know your results in the comments, and look for my review of the book, FASCINATE by Sally Hogshead next week. [Sally Hogshead]

4. Yay! The BBC has confirmed 10 more episodes of TORCHWOOD, and former DR. WHO executive producer, Russell T. Davies will be the head writer. #ThaswhatImtalkingbout [Topless Robot]

5. Adidas, Star Wars, and a bunch of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and David Beckham. How could I NOT post this on Fierce and Nerdy? Sigh, sometimes it’s a bit hard being this predictable.