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Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [April 22, 2011]

Hey Kids,

I don’t have any plans for Easter or Passover, other than to hunt down some honeybaked ham and do my utmost to avoid bunny rabbits, b/c they creep me out — no offense, Missy. But feel free to procrastinate on this while your wait for to get off of work early.

1. Looking to wake up your patio? Jeanine Hays suggest an infusion of yellow. [AphroChic]

Victor Hertz reimagines popular logos with a photoshop of truth. Click on the pic to see the rest of the remixed logos. ~via ANIMAL

2. Thinking about self-publishing? Here are three questions you ought to ask yourself. [Anne R. Allen]

3. Um, okay, this is weird. Based on the trailer, which is actually safe for work, I might have to watch the Star Trek Next Generation XXX parody … for the story. Yes, seriously, the plot looks that good! [i09]

4. Other than the whole life-rife-w/-domestic-issues-culminating-in-suicide thing, writers could do well to take a few notes from Hemingway. Check out agent Rachelle Gardner’s “6 Things Writers Could Learn From Hemingway” list. [Rachelle Gardner]

5. Last but definitely not least. Thanks so much for watching our weeklong showcase of the first five GIGI episodes. I think we’re going out on a perfect note with this fifth episode, which involves yes, Gigi at a Gigi audition. Really, it kind of had to be done, didn’t it? If you want to see the sixth episode and keep up with the series as it continues along check out the Gigi Channel at My Damn Channel.