Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [April 29, 2011]

Hey Kids,

Nothing much happening this weekend, just kind of waiting for THOR to kick off the official summer movie season. I’m also waiting for five o’clock. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff to procrastinate with while you wait for five o’clock, too.

1. Sally Hogshead teaches you how to market yourself or your product using online dating as a guide post. It weirdly makes sense and it has a super-sweet kicker. [Sally Hogshead]

How do we feel about these "Animal Face" Ts? Cool or creepy? Click on the pic to buy one for $20. ~via LikeCool

2. Looking to buy a new summer wardrobe? Read this guide to shopping for clothes online first. [Jezebel]

3. Want to live in the future today? Here are ten ways you can futurize your current home. Though, if you take this advice and you’re renting, be prepared not to get back your deposit. [i09]

4. Molly Garner calls out folks who have the nerve to be “too cool” to watch the Royal Wedding, but seemingly have no problem with watching crappy reality TV. [Scenery Chewer]

5. I’m somehow just finding out about this fantastic alien abduction short, EXIST, by Tyson Johnson, told from the POV of two black men. Weirdly refreshing to see an immigration experience worked into an abduction. Good job.