Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [December 10, 2010]

Sooooo much to do today, but I am side-eyeing a matinee of the new Harry Potter movie, so we’ll see. What are you all up to this weekend? I assume parties, parties, and more parties. Ah, the holidays! But before you move on to your fabulous weekends, do procrastinate on the below…

1. Bah humbug! As it turns out, my fourth favorite game show, Cash Cab, is totally fake. You will never throw up a hail and be randomly picked up by what turns out to be the Cash Cab. All the contestants or pre-selected (only gregarious and witty people get chosen), and the show itself is pre-planned and produced within an inch of its life. Even though I used to write “pretend live” for my old job, I was really saddened to hear this — though, having done that job I did suspect this was the case with Cash Cab. Ah, well. [A.V. Club]

Hey-oh! The trailer for TRANSFORMERS 3 looks waaay better than the entirety of TRANSFORMERS 2 (which sucked eggs). But we'll see. Click on the pic to watch the full!

2. I totally agree with former agent Nathan Bransford about the importance of exercise for writers. Not only does exercise give me more energy to handle my day but I swear that every time I get on the elliptical it feels like ideas just download into my head. A serious must-do for creatives, in my opinion. [Nathan Bransford]

3. Could the season in which you’re born affect your temperament for life. No wonder I’m friends with so many fellow winter babies! #capricornsrepresent I’d be really interested to see this broken down with writers. For example, are winter babies more likely to write heavier fiction, while the summer babies write the lighter stuff? Seriously, you should get on that! [EurekAlert]

4. Looks like VirginGalactic will have commercial space travel up and going by 2012. Yes! Though for $200,000 per ride, I wonder if they’ll include free wifi…. [i09]

5. Is it just me or does the high schooler ┬áin this trailer for I AM NUMBER 4 look like he’s in his 30s? Also, no PoC. Sigh…