Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [January 28, 2011]

So … anyone else planning to spend the weekend watching Season 1 of HOT IN CLEVELAND, b/c Jersey Joe recommended it so highly? No? Just me? Whatever, here’s your weekend’s worth of proscrastination.

1. Published authors and hope-to-be-published authors (like me) might find this advice on how to promote your books from 23 different authors useful. I know I did. [Girlfriends Book Club]

We think these $15 glasses, offered by Friend of FaN, Delia Hauser at her etsy marketstoreshoppe are both fierce and nerdy. Click on the pic to get your pair.

2. Any fellow RED DWARF fans out there? Because it’s maybe definitely coming back for a 6-episode season in 2012. [Topless Robot]

3. Looking for a job? Here’s what’s NOT to do. Thanks to Anonymous from My You Really Have Put On Weight for the h/t. My favorite it-really-happened example was the guy who tossed his beer in the outside trash can before coming into the office. Smooth. [Washington Post]

4. As someone who even Ebeneezer Scrooge might refer to as “mighty stingy,” i find myself oddly compelled to send this poverty-stricken, Ugandan chess phenom some money, so that she can compete in future Olympiads. [Jezebel]

5.Friend of FaN, Tara Armov, would so appreciate if we kept her employed by watching Bob’s Burgers, the latest animated offering from Fox. Not a bad request, because it’s purty amusing. Check it out below. [Knuckle Dragging 101]