Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [July 4th Weekend]

Alas, I won’t be seeing you again until Tuesday, so hopefully this big chunk of procrastination will make our time apart that much sweeter.

Sadly, I didn't find this $90 Spaced Invaders bag in time for CH's and my 3rd "leather" anniversary. But he said he liked his watch. Yes, another watch. Don't judge me. I'm not good at gifts! The point is this bag is pretty dope. Source: LikeCool

1. Los Angeles Magazine also thinks you should read 32 CANDLES this month. Just saying… []

2. Wondering if I should be pleased or insulted that Ryan Dixon from “FIERCE ANTICIPATION” sent me a link to this item about Yahoo’s new web style guide. [Mashable]

3. Ooh, mama wants a new pair of (electronic) glasses! Seriously squirming in my seat. Yessss! [i09]

4. As a person who is weirdly submissive to her GPS, I found this item deeply disturbing. []

5. Talking about procrastination, I’m just now getting around to reading this “Top 10 Motivation Boosters and Procrastination Killers” list that I sent myself in early June now. Man … I kind of really need that. [lifehacker]

6. Yes! A new Old Spice commercial. I officially declare this week FANTASTIC! I shall now go eat my birthday cake in the kitchen CH built me after he started using Old Spice shower gel.