Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [May 27, 2011]

Wassup Kids!

So how sad is it that both of this weekends tentpole movies are both sequels I have absolutely no interest in seeing? So this Memorial Day weekend, in between making myself a sad little bratwurst on my George Foreman grill, I’ll probably be heading to the indieplex to take in Terence Malick’s THE TREE OF LIFE and the sexy vampire romp WE ARE NIGHT? But how about you guys? Any plans to see THE HANGOVER 2 or KUNG FU PANDA 2? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and procrastinate on this …

Wait, am I the only one who didn't know In-N-Out had a "secret menu?" Click on the pic to read all about it at "The Producer's Perspective."

1. Apparently cultured men are happier than uncultured men. So do consider getting your art on this weekend. [Gawker]

2. I thought I was done with zombies, but Colson Whitehead’s unexpected new zombie novel might pull me back in. It also helps that his debut novel, The Intuitionist, is one of my favorite books of the 90s. [Galleycat]

3. Okay, this fascinating Deborah LeBlanc post, “Funky Facts About Cremation” is a must read for anyone who plans to be cremated or cremate a loved one. [Girlfriends Book Club]

4. Contrary to what movies like ARMAGEDDON or television series like DR. WHO would have you believe, there is no crying in outerspace — even if you want to. [Jezebel]

5. Here’s a handy dandy guide to what to watch this summer, sans TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, b/c the folks at Gawker have obviously bumped their heads. I’m most looking forward to MTV’s serialized TEEN WOLF, but USA has an uncanny way of drawing me in with their “good enough” programming, so I’m fairly sure I’ll also be watching their new football therapist show, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. See the trailer below and see trailers for other upcoming summer programs HERE.