Procrastinate on This! Friday Edition [September 17, 2010]

So I’ve a weekend of catching up to do before I head to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, for the next 32 CANDLES book event on my impromptu book tour (deets HERE). So excited to get back to the Burgh!!! But sadly, no time to procrastinate. So please quaff this extra-big dose of procrastination for me while I’m toiling away.

1. I found this tale of how my not-black friend, Laurenne up and got a weave completely fascinating, especially since I’m at the salon as you read this, getting some more color extensions braided into my own hair. Which reminds me, I really need to do a blog about that one of these days… [humans are funny]

I'm sad that I didn't bother to learn Japanese while I was in Osaka, b/c then m/b then I could figure out how to order these awesome zero gravity cups, which only sit perpendicular to the table when coffee has been poured into them. Here's hoping some really smart American company starts distributing them (in English). Click on the pic for more info.

2. Oh my deity, DARK TOWER, my favorite Stephen King series featuring my favorite black action heroine of all time (that would be the legless-but-no-less-badass, Susan) is being made into both a movie and TV series by Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, and Brian Grazer. My only fear is they’ll eff up the Susan casting. Let me make this easy for you guys: Kerry Washington. Nuff said. [Topless Robot]

3. As someone who is coming to terms with the fact that she’s going to need some kind of bi-focalur help reading when her insurance lets her buy a new pair of frames in two years, these tru-focals sound right up my alley. My only issue is that they only come in a John-Lennonesque design. I don’t look good in John Lennon glasses, so hopefully they’ll have more designs by the time I’m looking to buy. [BoingBoing]

4. Well, I’m certainly going to the Wormhole, a BACK TO THE FUTURE themed coffee shop the next time I’m in Chicago — working on doing a book event there at the end of the month, bt-dubs. [i09]

5. Other than Gwyneth’s dancing, I’m kind of taking issue with the older-woman-younger-woman cattiness in this trailer for COUNTRY STRONG. IRL Patsy Cline supported Loretta Lynn. And as someone who loves both Faith Hill and Taylor Swift, I find this kind of representation of female country singers distasteful. Still want to see it though. Hate feeling left out while watching the Oscar ceremonies and though I’m not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, I pretty much like everything she’s ever been in(IRON MAN 2 notwithstanding).