Procrastinate on This: Friday Edition [Week 24 of 2011]

Well, obviously I’m going to go see GREEN LANTERN this weekend, but other than that, I’m also putting together all of my posts for BOOK WEEK 1, which pops off next Monday. So do join us for that, as it’s going to be a whole container of awesome sauce. Meanwhile, here’s your big dose of procrastination to get you through the weekend.

1. Don’t bank on giving birth to a future X-Man. Apparently human mutation is way more rare than generally thought. This evolution thing ain’t going so well for us. [i09]

Often introverts marry introverts for a reason. But what to do if you end up with an extroverted kid? R.L. LaFevers from SHRINKING VIOLET PROMOTIONS has some great ideas. Click on the pic for the article.

2. Not only is Fraggle Rock getting a movie version, but Scissor Sisters have been tapped for the soundtrack. My innerchild can basically die happy now. [The Mary Sue]

3. Friend of FaN, Julianna Baggott has some great ideas about how to raise creative, active kids as opposed to the sedentary couch potatoes that the summer often brings forth. Basically, if your kids are being entertained, it’s their responsibility to entertain as well. Entertain it forward, if you will. [Julianna Baggott]

4. Keep this on file for the next time you need to get out of a spot of trouble. You know, speeding tickets, bitTorrent charges, credit card black marks — that kind of thing. [Lifehacker]

5. Thanks to Ryan Dixon for this “Whole Foods Parking Lot” rap, which according to both him and Ernessa is 100% true.