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Procrastinate on This! How to Tell a Bedtime Story

bedtimestoriesSo both Bright from the Start, the book I’m reading right now, and this New Yorker article stress the importance of reading your kid a bedtime story at the same time every night, like from infancy. Apparently, babies and kids are the exact opposite from me, in that routine doesn’t bore them to death, but actually makes them feel safe and loved and all of those things you basically want kids to feel, so that they grow up to be emotionally stable adults.

Since I have a “never read the same book more than once” policy for myself, set in effect during my fourth assigned reading of Romeo and Juliet in grad school, I think I might actually have trouble reading the exact same book over and over again to my child. So I’m looking forward to her getting old enough, so that I can start making up stories for her at night. I’m envisioning a series in which an awesome girl named Betty goes on all sorts of kick-ass (but age-appropriate) adventures. Anyway, if you like me find making up bedtime stories way more palatable than reading Goodnight Moon a kajillion times, here’s a handy-dandy guide on how to write a great nighty-night tale.


flickr photo credit: Jacob Whittaker