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Procrastinate on This! I’m Bi-Racial… Not Black Damn It

Wow, well, the details on this Carolyn Battle Cochrane’s documentary, “I’m Bi-racial… Not Black Damn It,” seem to be a little murky. I’m not quite sure when the actual doc is coming out or if it will be hitting the festival circuit. But I’ve sent the filmmaker an email, and hopefully she’ll get back to us w/ the details.

Meanwhile here’s the trailer for what looks like a really intriguing documentary. Warning to other black mothers: There’s a bit in here about a child being embarrassed about her black mother that might stop your heart cold. I’m still a little haunted by it and am wondering how to prevent it with Betty. But then again, I remember being embarrassed about my own mother at her age for different reasons, so I wonder if this is just a general childhood condition. Let’s talk about it in the comments. And thanks to Margaret from “Green Beans and Little Things” for the heads up.